Privacy Policy

(updated: February 2015)

The following Privacy Policies are valid for handling of user information by OvernightPrints. They are valid additional to the general terms of conditions.

§ 1
Data processing

1. OvernightPrints stores, works and uses the user data based on and with observance of the privacy law, particularly TMG and BDSG.

2. OvernightPrints is allowed to particularly work and pass personal information, as far as it is needed for processing the contract (master files), service delivery or invoicing (user information).

3. Master Files:

· Name

· Address

· Phone-Number

· E-Mail-Address

4. User information:

· Created images

· Membername

· Personal password

· Order number

· Bank account information

· Invoice amount

· IP-Address

§ 2
Data to be passed

OvernightPrints will not share user information or master files with any third parties without prior permission of the user or by law , unless there is no legal inquiry, governmental or judicial orders, degreeses or guidelines which obliges OvernightPrints to give the data to third parties.

§ 3

OvernightPrints stores and works with your User Data among other things via so called Cookies. This cookies serve as identification of the user during he is on one of the OvernightPrints Homepages. The cookies will be saved on the computer of the user. In the end of the session the cookies expire automatically.

§ 4

1. OvernightPrints save the following information on each page view in a Log File:

· IP-Address,

· Remote host,

· Time,

· Status,

· Transferred data volume,

· Preceding Internet pages before the actual page

· Product- and Release information of the used Internet-Browsers.

This information will be made anonymous and be used for statistics analysis an error detection.

2. OvernightPrints reserves the right to check the Log Files later on based on the last known IP-adress of users which are on suspicion because of actualities to use the service of OvernightPrints illegal or contrary to contract.

§ 5
Use of customer information only with approval

OvernightPrints will use the stock data of the customers for promotion, advertisement, consulting and marketing research only if the customer gives his approval to this procedure.. This approval of the customer can be cancelled at any time at


Weißeritzstraße 3

01067 Dresden


Fax: +49 34297 987002


Independent of the customer decision if he will or will not give his approval, OvernightPrints will render the service.

§ 6
Changes of Privacy Policy

OvernightPrints reserve the right, to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. In this case OvernightPrints will inform all customers with stored data on OvernightPrints side at the latest four weeks before the modification coming into effect per Email.


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